Residential Pest Control

Sedona Bug Busters recognizes that every home presents unique circumstances that play into keeping your home pest free. We will meet with you, or speak to you over the phone to discuss your homes specific pest control needs, and establish a game plan to ensure you and your family can enjoy a pest free home and yard.  Interior Pest Control / Exterior Pest Control Services.

Sedona Bug Busters Is a leader in combining state of the art technology with the most up to date techniques and cutting-edge products. At Sedona Bug Busters we make sure that you are receiving the greatest value and getting the best results for all of your pest control needs.

Unlike other companies that treat every home and every issue the same, we recognize that each home is unique and every pest issue is not the same. Before any service is performed our highly skilled and licensed pest control technicians perform a comprehensive inspection, and evaluates the many different factors contributing to the pest issue that you are dealing with. The technician can then evaluate the most effective way to treat your home, giving you the results and peace of mind, you are looking for.

Commercial Services

Sedona Bug Busters knows that if pests are present at your business it can run the risk of impacting your employee’s and customer’s health, as well as your reputation. We will meet with you and discuss not only the most appropriate manner to treat your business. We service the Hospitality Industry, restaurants, industrial plants, schools, professional buildings and short-term rentals.

Structural Pest Control

Structural pest control is the control of household pests such as rodents, insects, wood-destroying pests, and other vermin which may invade households or structures. The places where pests are often left alone to colonize can include railroad cars, storage containers, boats, docks, trucks, airplanes, and even the contents within them.

Sedona Bug Busters can identify almost any infestation within or around your home while keeping those infections spreading to nearby buildings and neighboring properties. Through our extensive inspection process, we can ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your home and your property for years to come.

Pricing will vary from property to property our Technician experts will determine what is needed and quote you a fair price.

Rodent Remediation & Exclusion

Remediation begins with physically preventing the rodents from entering the area targeted for control. Rodent proofing is a critical step in any comprehensive rodent control program. Once the exclusionary measures are completed, the technician then traps the rodents already inside the structure.

With the structure secure and all rodents trapped and removed, the pest professional then proceeds to remove all nesting materials and any other dead rodents found. He then sanitizes all affected surfaces, and applies a residual material to eliminate pests associated with rodents, such as cockroaches, carpet beetles and feasting insects, such as fleas, ticks & mites that can transmit disease to others living in the structure.

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Categories of Pest Control:
Flying, Crawling, Termites, Rodents, Gophers and Bees